With a click on the plus symbol or a double click on the name of the entry you can see subordinate entries of this level, the plus symbol becomes the minus symbol. A click on the minus symbol hides the subordinate level again. An entry without a preceding box does not contain any subordinate entries. The tree entries can also be edited in the tree view. To do this, click on the desired entry and then click on the same entry again. The entry is now editable.


If an entry is selected within the tree structure, all windows connected to the main table are set to this active row (the focus is set, table and mask show the corresponding data record).

Context menu

With the help of the context menu (mouse click, right – within the tree view) you can move entries to the top level (“As main entry”). You can also change the font of all entries in the tree and set a background color using the context menu.


The tree structure view offers full drag and drop functionality. You can move entries in the tree structure to a new location. If the moved entry has subordinate entries, these are also moved. Please note that the Drag&Drop function is right-dependent!