Overview of options

OptionImpl.Value SyntaxNotes
EncodingOptionyes“UTF-32”, “UTF-16”, “UTF-16BE”, “UTF-8”, “ISO-8859-1”, “ASCII”Encoding when reading a file.
DecimalPlacesOptionyesNon-negative integerDesired decimal places of a decimal number
StepOptionyesNon-negative decimal numberDesired min. distance between generated numbers
SymbolsToUseOptionyesAny characterDesired character set to generate random strings
SqlWhereOptionyesLogical SQL expression with physical name, e.g. salutation=’master’.Additional Where query for SQL data sources
ValueGroupOptionyesString as Id of the groupData of the same group comes from the same row. For DB sources from the same DB table row. For files from the same file line. For value sets from the same position.
DatePrecisionOptionno ?Desired accuracy when generating date/time. Possibly better to use than Value at the Field.

Referencing options so that they can be used

A data source is registered in the metadata table slTestdataOptionTypes. As cSharpClass the class name is to be entered, which results from:


for example:


Only those options should be referenced which have “Impl.” set to “yes”!