Map Control makes it easier to work with data that has location information from a spatial reference system. The main task is the data visualization in generated web pages, besides it offers possibilities to analyze and manipulate data. It can also be used for geocoding and embedding maps in documents. In the Direct Desk you only see a map control to make settings and to select the section. Points, lines or areas can be displayed. If a table view is also displayed in the applet, the active data record in the table and map is synchronous.

First a table with the desired geodata must be created. Then you have to create a new page for the created table and open the Map Control under View/Map View. Now you can paste the map view into the new applet and select the map control in design mode. Here the fields of the table must be selected in such a way that exactly one geodata type is available. Then the property “MapService” of the map control must be set to the desired map service, e.g. OpenStreetMap. Now you can adjust the desired zoom level and generate the page.