General tips

08Sep 2019

The SCOPELAND Report Builder allows you to create sophisticated reports, statistics, export interfaces and printouts. Operation is possible without programming knowledge or database knowledge. This can be used, for example, to generate reports, approvals, notices or invoices, exactly what the end user wants in the database. In addition, GIS reports are also possible with the […]

04Sep 2019

Identifier (main field of the data set) Main name of the object, operation, or privileged data field described in the record that represents the record Display field in selection lists Customer or object number Number (e.g. customer numbers). If the field consists of a string data type, only digits are allowed here. AcceptedValues are already […]

26Aug 2019

If list boxes are to be layered, i.e. made dependent on each other so that the next list box displays only those entries that match the previous list box, you can proceed as follows:In the selected applet, you must create a relation between the base field of the first list box (starting point of the […]